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How to Clean your Home for Pet Allergies

How to Clean your Home for Pet Allergies

Instead of getting rid of your pets, use these solutions to avoid allergy symptoms.

People who have allergies have common symptoms like sneezing, a stuffy nose, and watery eyes. Allergies can be caused for many reasons and can be frustrating to deal with. The worst type of allergy is ones associated with our pets. Pets are like family and being allergic to your pet might mean you have to get rid of them if it’s a severe allergy.

If someone in your home suffers from pet allergies, then you’ll want to keep reading. In this blog, we’ll talk about household changes you can make and regular deep cleaning and sanitizing steps that can help reduce the effects of pet allergies. 

Changes that will Make a Difference

It’s incredibly sad to hear that your pet can be the cause of your runny nose and sneezing problems. If you want to keep your animals around, then changes need to be made. Changing the way you do things in your home will have a big impact on helping people with pet allergies. Here are some changes you can make:

  • Remove your pet’s most used furniture. Beds and couches your pets constantly lay on are full of allergens. Getting rid of these pieces will help get rid of the presence of these allergens. Although your pets might not like it, people suffering with allergies will greatly appreciate it.
  • Use a dense-filtering material to cover bedroom vents. Forced-air heating and cooling spreads allergens throughout every room. Using dense-filtering materials will keep these allergens from spreading between rooms. This will keep your rooms safer from pet allergens and will help with allergy symptoms. 
  • Add an air cleaning filter to centralize air heating and cooling. This will not only stop the spread of per allergens from spreading between rooms but will lessen the amount of it in the air as well. 
  • Having less carpets and more tile or wood flooring. Carpets trap a lot of bacteria and germs inside of them and can be hard to clean. By removing them altogether, pet allergens can’t sit in the furniture and contaminate the living quarters. Tile and wood floors are easy to clean and don’t trap harmful bacteria inside. 

Maybe you have lots of carpet floors instead of just rugs and you don’t have the money to replace them or get professional carpet cleaning done regularly. Vacuuming more often will help to get rid of pet allergens and will have the same effect. We advise vacuuming your carpets at least twice a week. If you have multiple pets, then more is recommended. Getting a good steam cleaning done on your carpets every six months will help eliminate the amount of allergens significantly. 

If the allergy-sufferer is the one performing the cleaning, then they should wear a mask to be extra cautious. When someone vacuums, allergens get stirred up and can easily be inhaled. This can lead to worsening of their symptoms. 

Make Regular Cleaning a Common Task

Once you have made the above changes, it’s time to take things a step further. Set up a house cleaning schedule or a chore list to make sure everything is done and use these examples:

  • Wash bed sheets weekly, especially if pets sleep on the bed. (or don’t let pets go on the bed or furniture)
  • Using proper house cleaning products to ensure you are killing all bacteria.
  • Weekly brush your pets outside to remove loose fur and dirt.
  • Clean your cat’s litter box or your pet’s cages frequently.
  • Wash your walls once per month.
  • When vacuuming, do so under furniture to eliminate fur that may have piled up.
  • Keep your floors constantly clean, especially areas that pets are always walking on.
  • Clean and declutter all surfaces of your home.
  • Use throw rugs instead of carpet flooring as they can be easily cleaned.
  • Bathe your pets weekly to reduce airborne allergens.
  • Vacuum furniture and upholstery on a weekly basis.

While we can do most of these jobs by ourselves, the work can add up. It’s hard to keep your home completely clean on top of your day job and other responsibilities. Let the house cleaners of House Cleaning Brantford take care of the job for you. We perform many different types of cleaning procedures and can ensure your home is pet allergen free and safe for allergy-sufferers.

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