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How to Sanitize Granite Countertops

How to Sanitize Granite Countertops

Learn how to clean your granite countertops the right way.

Granite countertops are some of the most gorgeous countertops you can get for your kitchen. They can be found in various designs and complete the look of any area. Keeping them clean is essential if you want to keep the area healthy and balanced for those in it. You might know some straightforward cleaning techniques to keep them clean but sometimes those techniques won’t always do the trick. In kitchens, since raw meat, fruit and vegetables are handled, bacteria from these foods sit on the countertops. It’s important to sterilize your granite countertops frequently to keep your household risk-free, along with your regular cleaning routine.

Although, sanitizing the wrong way can lead to permeate damage of the granite. Granite is not like engineered non-porous stone. It is natural and porous, which means liquid is able to seep into it causing stains. To stop dislocations from happening, you can buy sealants to protect the counters. The issue with a lot of sealants is that lots of household cleaning products can actually remove the sealant which leaves your countertops vulnerable to discolouration. Simply by following a couple of basic actions, you can sterilize your granite countertops without triggering damages to the lovely appearance.

Disinfectants to use

Utilizing an anti-bacterial spray that contains alcohol is an effective way to eliminate germs. Isopropyl alcohol is a first-aid item that can be easily found at your local food store. It is best to use anti-bacterials with a 70% isopropyl alcohol or less. This is because it has a higher dampness material and will remain on the surface area for longer, ultimately eliminating more germs. Products with a mixture greater than 70% will evaporate before it has a chance to eliminate all the bacteria.

Not only sure you use an alcohol based disinfectant, but you need an anti-bacterial dish soap as well. In a spray bottle, mix four tablespoons of the alcohol and four drops of soap and fill the rest with water. Shake to combine and then you are ready to use. Spray the solution onto your countertops and then allow it to sit for 5 minutes before wiping it with a cloth.

Disinfectants to stay clear of

Abrasive cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, home window cleaners and versatile cleaners never must be used on granite countertops. There are many extreme chemicals in these cleansers which will remove the safety seal from the granite, leaving it subjected to staining. Natural products should also be prevented. Products made with citric fruits like lemon or lime are very acidic and strip granite sealer as well.

Sponges and cloths to use

When cleaning your granite countertop, use microfibre towels, washcloths or non-scratch sponges. You want to use gentle materials to avoid damaging your granite’s coating. Although, you need to be careful when selecting a washcloth. Fabrics that are colourful have dye in them that can bleed right into the countertops and cause tarnish. Put your coloured fabrics in the washing machine prior to using them on your countertops to make certain there’s no dye able to seep out.

Sponges and cloths to prevent

Scouring pads made of steel or wool and scrub sponges are bad to use when cleaning granite. They are rough and will scrap away at the sealant and cause scratches to the total surface. Some people think disinfectant wipes are an easy means to avoid the inconvenience of getting the right cleaning product. However, disinfectant wipes have dangerous chemicals that mess up the granite. It’s best to stick with the suggested products and materials to be safe. Contact House Cleaning Brantford to help you clean your granite countertops. We utilize all the right cleaning products and materials to safely clean them.

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