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Full-Service Post Renovation Cleaning in Brantford, Ontario

Whether you're a contractor demolishing and rebuilding a house or a homeowner wanting to make some improvements, taking on a construction project is a major undertaking. Demolition creates a tremendous mess whether you're renovating a complete house or just a few rooms.

After renovations are completed, drywall dust and debris are frequently found in every room, including those that were not touched. Getting your home back in shape can seem like an endless task. However, since our Brantford cleaners have the proper cleaning products and equipment, post renovation cleaning is a simple task. Our post construction cleaning services allow you to relax while our cleaners get your home back in order.

The most challenging aspect of post renovation cleaning is not removing debris and large construction materials. Instead, it's getting rid of all the dust. Construction dust has the ability to seep into carpet and furniture fibres. It also settles on window sills, baseboards, floors, walls, countertops, and virtually every other surface imaginable, including cupboards and inside appliances. 

Getting rid of all this dust may appear to be an impossible task. Fortunately, a professional cleaning company with post-construction cleaning experience is available to help you. With many years of knowledge, House Cleaning Brantford has cleaned homes in Brantford and the GTA following little remodelling projects as well as massive reconstructions within houses.

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Renovation Cleaning Services

In the last stages of renovations, our team will work with the contractors. We have firsthand knowledge of how a construction site appears and the materials we must work with. As a result, we adjust our cleaning techniques to the specific requirements of the building site.

We are aware that certain building materials can be hazardous to humans, so we make every effort to properly clean the entire building. We will collaborate with the owner or the contractor to get the space ready for use. Our cleaners will remove all drywall dust and debris that has accumulated whether it's in a hotel, restaurant, school, or government building. We are willing to work under tight deadlines and time constraints, even when builders are putting the finishing touches on the property.

Brantford Construction Cleaning Services

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Leave the Cleaning to Us

Are you worn out with the construction of your commercial or industrial building? Is the contractor's work a complete mess? When the construction time is over, hire professional cleaners to assist you with the rest. House Cleaning Brantford offers full post-construction cleaning services, including debris removal, floor washing, and carpet cleaning. Our firm will ensure that your building is clean and ready for the public by using effective cleaning procedures, prompt execution, and professional standards.

Dust and Debris Removal and Vacuuming

When our staff arrives on site, that unpleasant construction dust will be completely removed. We conduct thorough debris removal and will make certain that any post-construction dust that has accumulated does not bother you or your clients. We clean walls, lights, ledges, sills, doors, windows, blinds, fixtures, ceilings, carpets, and ventilation systems. Basically anywhere dust may have gathered. 

Lights and Glass Cleaning

Our team has many years of expertise and is well-versed in the safety precautions that must be taken when cleaning large buildings. Our window and light washing services remove layers of dust and filth that can build up during the construction process. We clean both the interior and exterior light fixtures and windows so that they sparkle like new.

Restroom Cleaning and Sanitization

Bathroom cleaning and deodorizing services are provided by House Cleaning Brantford. Cleaning restrooms is an essential part of the post-construction cleaning procedure. After removing any debris, our staff will begin cleaning the area. All sections of your restroom are polished, shined, and sterilized. We will clean and scrub your showers and bathtubs, polish fixtures and flooring, and remove dust and watermarks. We use a checklist to guarantee that your restrooms are clean and ready for use.


How do you clean up after construction?Usually, a post-construction clean up will include the following:

Vacuum and sweep all surfaces, including the ceilings and walls.
Sweep, mop, and disinfect floors.
Vacuum all upholstery.
Clean the doors, knobs, baseboards, moldings, and hardware.
Thorough wipe-down and sanitization of bathrooms and kitchens (including appliances, cabinets, and counters).
All window inside, including sills and frames, should be dusted, vacuumed, and wiped down.
Dust all ducts, grates, vents, blinds, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures.
All hardware hinges and handles, shelves, and cabinets should be cleaned.
Clean inside all closets.
All leftover trash and waste must be eliminated (although your contractor should have removed most of this).

What is included in post construction?Post construction cleaning tasks include:

Cleaning and dusting air vents and diffusers.
Cleaning the light fittings.
Cleaning the fixtures in the kitchen and the restroom.
Cleaning the walls.
Window cleaning on the inside and outside.

How do I get rid of post renovation dust?Begin by clearing the dust off your walls — yep, dust accumulates on your walls during construction. Dry dusting is the best approach to remove particles without damaging the surface of a wall, however depending on the type of paint or wall covering, a damp cloth can also be used.

What is post construction cleaning?Post-construction cleaning is the cleaning of new or restored buildings. The term "post-construction" implies that this cleaning is done after the construction phase. A building contractor may clear up debris in general, but specific cleaning is no longer part of their duty. When you hire a post renovation cleaning service, cleaners will come to the renovation site and remove all the left over debris, dust and dirt.

How do you clean dusty floors after construction?Add two cups of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water to make a DIY cleaning solution. Sponge mop a small area with as little water as possible, then completely dry with a towel. It may take multiple sprays to remove all of the dust and any white residue or dullness from wood or tiled surfaces.

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